do-it-for-cosplay: the-moon-presence Yeah, I made myself a Vero… do-it-for-cosplay: @the-moon-presence Yeah, I made myself a Vero account, but at this point it’s a bit of a massive dumping ground as everyone moves their stuff over. @roseyredcosplay Well that just sounds fantastically handy. I’ve bookmarked it for future reference. @arkingarts if I weren’t into so many fandoms, tumblr would be an awesome place to fine-tune for cosplay stuff. But it’s not very…database friendly, when you want to browse through older content. But yeah, would be awesome if they just took the time to update it. Vero really seems to be just the “new” facebook/instagram/generic social thing. Cosplayers are flocking to it now but since it is pay-to-use after so many people join, I don’t know if it will have any longetivity. It might fizzle, or it might come into its’ own. Hard to say!  There is also World Cosplay (Cure Cosplay) but I don’t know if it gets used much, especially in the west. Not so much a forum as a share-your-pics site. (I’d love to put get some sort of community thing going on but that is too big of a project for me to do on my own. We’ll seeRead More →

My World Cosplay Summit 2017 Adventure: First Stage and OSU Cosplay Parade The World Cosplay Summit is a series of events that take place over a week, culminating in the stage competition that determines the winning team. There are two stage events. The first stage is all the competing countries performing their skits, followed by a concert and the winners of minor prizes. The next day is the second stage, where only the top countries compete. This is also followed by a concert and then they announce the winners. The other events are photoshoot parties and hangouts for people to dress up in cosplay, some events are ticketed and others are not. Visiting the WCS was only one part of our vacation, so I decided to only attend two events: The World Cosplay Summit first stage and the OSU cosplay parade. This post will detail those events. FIRST STAGE We spent the morning at the Nagoya Science Museum, but if I were to go back and do it again I would definitely head down to the event area earlier. On the way to the Aichi Arts Center we passed Oasis 21 where it seemed the real party was happening. SoRead More →

My World Cosplay Summit 2017 Adventure: Planning a Trip To Japan Going to Japan is the first step in attending the World Cosplay Summit. Planning the trip can be intimidating if you haven’t been out of the country before. The last time Kevin and I went to Japan was about 10 years ago and it was all a guided tour. We didn’t have do much planning (his mom handled the booking) but we also didn’t have much freedom. We saw a lot of cool sights such as temples and castles, but we didn’t get to do any nerd stuff and we really wanted to do the nerd stuff. This time around we decided to do our own thing, which meant we had to do the research and planning.   Planning The first step was determining a rough outline of where we wanted to be and on what days. We knew we wanted to go to Nagoya (where the summit was held) on the 5th and 6th of August. We also wanted to spend a chunk of our trip in Tokyo. Once we knew where we wanted to go we could start looking for flights. If you want a deal andRead More →

My World Cosplay Summit 2017 Adventure   Visiting the World Cosplay Summit was on my bucket list. So when Kevin and I were trying to decide on a vacation, Japan was on the maybe pile. Then, when my friend posted that her team would be representing Canada, I jumped at the opportunity to see her perform live! So began the trials of planning the trip and figuring this whole thing out. There wasn’t a how-to guide out there and I had to figure out a lot on my own, so this is my guide on how to attend the World Cosplay Summit. Just to note: I didn’t attend the entire event (there was vacationing to be had) but I can tell you about the events I did attend and give you some information to help you attend as well. Upcoming Posts: Planning the Japan Trip and Buying Tickets WCS Events: Stage 1 and the OSU Cosplay Parade Cosplaying in Japan Comiket This post will be updated with links when the posts go live. What is the World Cosplay Summit? The World Cosplay Summit is a team performance competition that takes place yearly in Nagoya, Japan. This year there were 34 countries participating butRead More →