I’m trying to put together a Jiangshi Mei and I’m having a hard time of where to begin.. Any tips or suggestions for me? //Thank you so much for this blog! Hello there! This is going to be a generic response to “how do I begin on a cosplay” type questions. Normally I don’t answer these, but this allows for a guide that other cosplayers can follow. The first thing I would do is take a look at the slides for my Planning Your Cosplay panel, which was developed to answer this exact question. It should, at the very least, give you a starting point. The next step is to start researching! This can be time-intensive even if you generally know what you are looking for, but even more so if you don’t, so here’s a few pointers. Often, research and costume breakdowns (as described both in the panel linked above and in the section below) go hand-in-hand, since you may need to research what something is before you can come up with any sort of plan for it. – Get your references in order. If the costume is from a live-action property, you may get lucky and find information fromRead More →

Hello! My friend wants me to make her an Aaravos (The Dragon Prince) Cosplay, and theres quite a bit that I’m having a hard time figuring out. I relise that with cgi there’s more opportunity for fun clothing effects, but i cant seen to match up any of his outfit parts, like the sheer fabric or the open shirt that somehow merges with the closed long skirt. Do you have any advice on where i should start? Hello there! I see what you mean about the top half and bottom half not seeming to line up. It isn’t that they don’t line up, it’s that the garments are made out of a fabric that doesn’t exist. The open shirt seems to be long and continue down into the sheer part on the bottom as a single garment. The purple garment appears to be a separate skirt. While you can find (or dye) sheer fabric that goes from white to black in a gradient, you aren’t going to find fabric that goes from sheer to opaque in a gradient. This is what I would advise: make the long open shirt garment out of a white to black gradient chiffon, whether youRead More →

Hello! I’m considering cosplaying Cassius from GranBlue Fantasy and I have all the layers to his outfit pretty much planned except the very top layer (the purple and black one). I’m not quite sure how the fabric falls or if it’s sewn or multiple pieces, it doesn’t crossover, and the game doesn’t have a back view. Do you have any suggestions for how I could research fabricating such a robe? Please and thank you! Hello there! Oh, JRPG-style clothing designs with few references. I will do my best. (I do a lot of this kind of thing for my own cosplay work, and often just have to shrug and make something up) The garment seems to be based on a robe design, only it’s half a robe (sleeve + half the chest + bottom drape). The black robe is a separate garment underneath, which you can see on the left part of the first image – the purple part seems to stand away from the chest (and the black part) just above the sash in the middle. The black robe underneath contains the god + decorations on the chest and gold , decorations underneath, while the purple seems to beRead More →

andsewingishalfthebattle: YESSS. Bless you, costume and makeup designers who share your concept… andsewingishalfthebattle: YESSS. Bless you, costume and makeup designers who share your concept designs on Instagram so I don’t have to try to recreate all the artwork from screencaps! YOU HAVE SAVED ME SO MUCH WORK TODAY. (original post at instagram.com/p/BvCtitpgmbN/) Klaus cosplayers might find this useful 😉 Get The Details…Read More →

Hi! I’m planning a Link cosplay from BoTW, Royal Guard outfit. I have no idea what to use for the gold fabric or at least, I can’t seem to find any that would be suitable and I was thinking of using gold iron vinyl for the triforce designs on his hat and blue uniform parts. On the gold fabric parts, I want to make the design one piece if possible instead of using gold fabric for the trim and painting the rest (aside from the smaller “decal” like designs just above)/ w/o topstitching. Hello there! Gold iron-on vinyl is probably going to be your best bet, since you’ll be able to cut it to shape and attach it without visible stitching. It also won’t fray at the edges, so stitching won’t be needed. The problem would be the size of the vinyl, since even the rolls sold for hobby use aren’t very large. In order to get around this (and have a more efficient use of material), you may need to hide small seams in the trim so that the designs are made of different pieces. I would recommend hiding any seams in a place where they won’t be asRead More →