My World Cosplay Summit 2017 Adventure

My World Cosplay Summit 2017 Adventure


Visiting the World Cosplay Summit was on my bucket list. So when Kevin and I were trying to decide on a vacation, Japan was on the maybe pile. Then, when my friend posted that her team would be representing Canada, I jumped at the opportunity to see her perform live! So began the trials of planning the trip and figuring this whole thing out. There wasn’t a how-to guide out there and I had to figure out a lot on my own, so this is my guide on how to attend the World Cosplay Summit. Just to note: I didn’t attend the entire event (there was vacationing to be had) but I can tell you about the events I did attend and give you some information to help you attend as well.

Upcoming Posts:

  • Planning the Japan Trip and Buying Tickets
  • WCS Events: Stage 1 and the OSU Cosplay Parade
  • Cosplaying in Japan
  • Comiket

This post will be updated with links when the posts go live.

What is the World Cosplay Summit?
The World Cosplay Summit is a team performance competition that takes place yearly in Nagoya, Japan. This year there were 34 countries participating but that number may grow as new countries keep joining! To enter, a preliminary round is held in each country to find the representative and the winning team goes on to compete in Japan. This event is livestreamed on niconico to thousands of viewers worldwide and is well worth the watch because the quality of costumes and the performances are very high; It isn’t like the standard convention masquerade! You can learn more about the event on the WCS website:

How do you Enter:
My guide will mostly be about attending as a visitor but it is far more thrilling to go there and compete to win. To enter the competition, you will need to find a cosplay partner that you can rely on and together you’ll need to craft an outstanding performance and high quality costumes. Then determine where the preliminaries are being hosted in your country and apply – make sure to read all the rules of entry, the WCS has some very specific rules regarding performances and costumes. If you make it through the preliminaries, then you get to go on to compete in Japan! You can then craft new costumes and a new performance or improve your existing one. Check out the Regulations for more information. (

Want to know what the hype is about? Check out these videos of previous WCS winners:

2017 – China
2016 – Indonesia
2015 – Mexico
2014 – Russia

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