do-it-for-cosplay:@the-moon-presence Yeah, I made myself a Vero…

the-moon-presence Yeah, I made myself a Vero…


@the-moon-presence Yeah, I made myself a Vero account, but at this point it’s a bit of a massive dumping ground as everyone moves their stuff over.

@roseyredcosplay Well that just sounds fantastically handy. I’ve bookmarked it for future reference.

@arkingarts if I weren’t into so many fandoms, tumblr would be an awesome place to fine-tune for cosplay stuff. But it’s not very…database friendly, when you want to browse through older content. But yeah, would be awesome if they just took the time to update it.

Vero really seems to be just the “new” facebook/instagram/generic social thing. Cosplayers are flocking to it now but since it is pay-to-use after so many people join, I don’t know if it will have any longetivity. It might fizzle, or it might come into its’ own. Hard to say! 

There is also World Cosplay (Cure Cosplay) but I don’t know if it gets used much, especially in the west. Not so much a forum as a share-your-pics site.

(I’d love to put get some sort of community thing going on but that is too big of a project for me to do on my own. We’ll see what happens when I finish the site revamp and new content I have planned for this year. At the very least I want to make it easier to submit tutorials. ) 


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