Hello! Could you help me figure out how I could make the mask(?) for the nurse from dead by daylight? It’s supposed to be a pillow case but ideally I’d be able to see and breathe in it, yanno? Thanks <3

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For a fabric mask that goes over your face, you will need to find a material more sheer than typical pillowcase material. I would still go with a natural fiber that is woven, if possible, to keep the pillowcase-like appearance and to aid with heat buildup and breathability. You can also more easily dye these types of materials, so your weathering can be done with ease and without having to add an opaque material like paint. (The weathering will also help the material look less sheer)

Cotton voile or gauze would be good options, or a batiste if you want something a little more opaque. I would go to a fabric store, hold up the fabrics very close to your face, and see what gets you the best effect that you can still see through.

I would add a closure somewhere to make it easily removable (elastic loosely around the neck?), and make sure that you take breaks while wearing it. If doing a large amount of walking or if you are in the heat, I would remove it so that you don’t end up with too much heat buildup in the mask or have a difficult time breathing.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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