Hello! CT im a new follower and I was wondering if I should make or pay someone to make my cosplay, I lack skill when it comes to a sewing machine😭 and I’m worried that I would not make the cosplay the best as it can be but I can’t buy a Large or a medium in a online cosplay store a large is good for the skirt but to lose on top and the medium top fits well but the skirt is to small😭😭what do I do?! Plz help me😭😭 Ps. I’m cosplaying Mina/Pinky from my hero academia the school outfit😭💔

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Making vs. buying is a personal choice, and sometimes it helps to talk through the pros and cons of each.

Making is good for a few reasons: you enjoy crafting and want to make things, you want custom measurements/materials/etc., you can enter it in contests (if that is your goal), you may or may not save money (more on that later), and you can get things that aren’t found easily for sale.

If you want to work on your crafting skills, learning to sew would be a good way to do so, and then you can make (or alter) costumes in the future.

With buying, you save a lot of time, may or may not save money, have the advantage of industrial techniques and equipment you may not have access to, get a professional finish, and can have matching outfits for a group.

If you want to have something quickly and not have to worry about making it, buying is often better. I also tend to recommend buying for commonly available uniforms, since it will be more uniform with a group, and simply because things like school uniforms can be simple, but also a bit of a pain. The drawbacks to buying are that you can’t get custom materials in a mass-produced costume, and often have to deal with pre-set sizes rather than custom sizing.

Cost may be another factor. Mass-produced costumes are sometimes cheaper than making it yourself, since the factories have economies of scale and assembly line production to their advantage, meaning that they can get materials cheaper (and they often use one material for most of a costume, and across many costume offerings, so it is even cheaper for them to only stock a few types of fabrics in multiple colors) and their labor is quick and cheap. Commissions are going to be more expensive than making it yourself almost every time, since the commissioner does not have these advantages (and also is hopefully paying themself a living wage, which you may not get with overseas factories).

If you don’t want to tackle the challenge of making a blazer yourself (though you may be able to find a relatively simple pattern for one – maybe this?), you can’t find a shop that does custom measurements/lets you buy the top and bottom separately, you don’t have money for a commissioner, and you don’t want to alter or have a bought blazer altered to fit, you have a third option that is a middle route: you can buy the blazer to fit, and then make your own skirt.

Knife pleated skirts are one of the simplest garments you can make, as long as you are careful with your measuring, so it would be a good option if you are just starting to sew or want to learn – a skirt in this style can be made with rectangles, so there aren’t any complicated shapes to deal with! Buying a pattern for a basic knife pleated skirt (often in the costume/cosplay section of pattern companies) would walk you through the steps. If you go this route, I would bring the blazer to the fabric store so that you can match the color of the stripes as closely as possible.

I hope that helps you decide! Good luck :]

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