Hello! I was wondering if you have experience with bodysuit pattern that you are suppose to print on fabric. I have seen some on etsy that are interesting me but I have a few questions: is there a way to make this file pattern adjusted to my shape?(since it is a digital file you need to print first, and it probably is not fitted to my shape) Where/what to search for if I want to print it, and what kind of fabric would be recommended? Thank you for you answer :3

I don’t personally have experience with them, you may want to reach out to the Cosplay Tutorial Hangout facebook group for more people’s feedback. 

Is there a way to make it adjusted to your shape:
If you are commissioning the design or purchasing from a seller they should be able to make some adjustments based on your measurements. Some sellers have one-size-fits-most designs which may be a little off but generally should be close. Depending on where you purchase from and how close your measurements are, a one-size-fits-most design may end up baggy in some areas. 

If you are designing it yourself or modifying a template, you should be able to adjust it based on your measurements. You’ll want to get a friend to help you take accurate body measurements for this.

You can also take a straight-on, full body photo of yourself and, in a paint program, overlay the images to get a rough idea of the sizing on yourself. You’ll need to do some math to scale your picture and the bodysuit design properly. 

Where/what to search for if I want to print it

You’ll want to find fabric printers or zentai-suit specific printers. Try terms like “print a zentai suit” or “print a spandex suit” or “print on fabric”. You may want to reach out to some local cosplay groups to see what stores people recommend. I suggest local because they’ll usually be able to suggest stores that ship to your area for the best price.

what kind of fabric would be recommended?

4-way stretch Spandex/Lycra is the common material to use.

Hope this helps!
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