Hi! I’m cosplaying Ahsoka (from Clone Wars) but i’m having some trouble with the hair (or whatever it is) thing, I made it with expanding foam, so i have the form, but i’m not sure about what material i should use to cover it before painting, bc the bare foam is like, porous and i don’t know exactly what texture i want for it, because it’s an animated character. (Sorry for my english, it’s in training :v)

The term is Lekku. You might find some inspiration by searching for “Togruta Lekku”.

There are a lot of materials you can use, depending on the texture you want. For example, you can make a sleeve out of latex to give it a rubbery skin texture, use fabric for different textures or use fur. You can wrap it with thermoplastics, paper mache or craft foam, using a filler to fill gaps. You can fill the gaps with wood filler, epoxy, bondo, foam clay or paper clay and sand it smooth. 

Hope this gives you some inspiration!
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