hi! I’m planning on cosplay bakugo from bnha hero outfit and I was stuck on the mask. From what I’ve found, most people would either face paint or make a mask by heating foam and molding it on a wig head (shaped w clay). How would u suggest to make it?

If I wanted to make the mask as easy as possible I would use craft foam. It comes in black and orange so you wouldn’t need to paint it, it is fairly easy to cut those crisp spikes and it can be heat formed a bit to fit on the face. It is also really lightweight, which is a plus!

If I wanted it to be stiffer, I might do it with worbla or worbla over foam. I’ve made face masks with worbla before and you can easily get the material to form to your face shape – just be careful, too hot and you can burn yourself! I used hot water to heat the worbla for my mask, it gives an even heat and doesn’t get quite as hot as a heat gun does. Since worbla isn’t flexible when cool you can sand it and use fillers on it for a smoother surface before painting.

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