I want to cosplay Ralsei from Delta Rune but I have no idea how to make his cloak/jacket? Idk exactly what it is. I only think it’s a jacket because it appears to have sleeves when he moves his arms. What’s a good pattern to use for making this? And what can I do to make it full at the bottom without wearing a petticoat?

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For a garment like this, I would look for a pattern for what is called a swing dress. This is a garment that has a severe A-line shape that flares from the shoulders and is not fitted through the body. A pattern like this one would work well – just be sure to use the appropriate neckline variant, along with the long sleeves.

As for the volume, you have a couple of options.

One is to make the garment out of a fabric that has some natural stiffness to it. Since the garment is coat or cloak-like, a coating fabric, bottomweight twill, or a heavy ponte di roma would all work to varying degrees of softness and drape. Test some fabrics at the store over your arm or get a swatch to see what the drape and feel is like. This will create a soft, natural drape to the garment.

Two would be to sew horsehair braid into the hem. This is a type of plastic webbing used to add stiffness and body to skirts and similar garments (you know Sailor Moon and other giant shoujo anime ruffles? That’s how those are made), and would create a more structured body to the garment. Horsehair braid will help the bottom of the garment stick out from your body naturally to some degree, while still looking natural (that is, not like a single rigid hoop at the bottom would)

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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