I’m thinking of cosplaying Rosa from Bayonetta, and I’m not really sure how I should make her butterfly glasses. Do you know somewhere I can get them made or how I should make them? Thanks!


With basic tools, I would probably trace the design onto some craft foam and carefully cut it out with an exacto-knife. Could probably do the same with worbla, although cutting it is a little more difficult. Both can be heated to better form-fit your face. Leather might also make for a nice mask. Another minimal-tool option would be sculpting it with a foam clay or paper clay. 

If you have access, 3D printing or laser cutting the design could also be an option. Since it is a mechanical process, as long as your base file is good your design should be clean and solid. 

If you want recommendations on commissioners or shops, try asking the Cosplay Tutorial Hangout Group.

Hope this helps, 

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